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During WWII, the Croatian Fascists' actions were so horrible, they even terrified the Nazis!

Genocide and Nazi Germany usually go hand-in-hand, but there was a fascist group that terrified even them! Croatia’s Ustase group took power before and held it during World War II.

During that time they were fanatically Catholic, extremely conservative, and extremely racist. They were so fanatical about nationalism that they began a movement aimed for a racially “pure” Croatia by removing the Serbs, Jews, and Romani people.

Along with participating in the Holocaust with Germany, Croatia also began to systematically and brutally murder their own citizens. Hundreds were burned alive in their own homes and thousands more were taken by truck to be executed and dumped in mass graves.

But that isn’t the half of it. Primitive weapons were often used such as hatchets to smash skulls. Children were impaled, women’s breasts were cut off, people were often burned alive, and it wasn’t uncommon for noses and ears to be cut off.

It is for these actions that even the Nazi’s were disgusted, a hard thing to do!


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A man mailed 80,000 bricks to build a bank because it was the cheapest option!

Almost anything can be sent through the mail if it disguised well enough. T

here have been reports of drugs, animals, and other highly illegal things making it all the way to their destinations without notice, but there is no way anything could eclipse the strangeness of sending an entire bank through the mail!

Of course, the bank had to be assembled once it arrived, but nonetheless all 80,000 bricks of The Parcel Post Bank in Utah were sent through the mail!

In 1913 the US Postal Service began the parcel sending service.Soon after a business man in Utah decided he would build a bank.

After looking into renting freights to haul the bricks the 120-mile distance needed, he discovered that it was four times cheaper to send them all through the mail! He had the bricks carefully wrapped in crates, each weighing less than 50 pounds.

From there it was smooth sailing. The bricks arrived and the bank as built!


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George Washington once stopped a mutiny by reading a speech!

A good speech and it's message will go down in history. While we all know of Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address, few have heard of Washington's Newburgh Address during the Revolutionary War.

In 1783 the officers of the American army were furious that Congress was not paying them in full for their services. Tempers reached such lofty heights that the officers established a date to meet and plan their march on Congress to demand pay at gunpoint!

Washington heard of this and quietly snuck into the meeting. Amidst shouts of dissent Washington read a speech urging them to be patient and remember how much every one in the country had suffered during the war.

To do this, he claimed, was madness, treasonous, and put their own families in danger by allowed the British to be victorious. After a pause he attempted reading again but fumbled over the words. He then said, "Gentlemen, you must pardon me.

I have grown gray in your service and now find myself growing blind." The officers were so moved many began to cry, remembering just how much their general had also suffered. They apologized for the attempted mutiny and wrote letters exalting Washington and his service!