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McDonald's chicken nuggets come in four sizes and have names!

If you’ve ever paid attention to your chicken nuggets from McDonald’s they all seem to come in roughly the same shape.

In fact there are four different shapes they have. The reason for this is because they are formed, not ground. The shapes are pressed out and made to look like that.

The reason they are made like this is to reportedly keep consistency for consumers, help safety, ensure standardized cooking times, and portion control! Their names are “boot,” “ball,” “bow-tie,” and “bell.” Check it out next time you order!


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After a man's family died in a plane crash, he killed the traffic tower operator in front of the operator's family!

One of the most famous plane crashes in recent memory, it is now called the Überlingen mid-air collision. It occurred on July 1st, 2002 over Germany.

The details are controversial at best, yet we do know that one plane struck another at almost an exact right angle. All 60 passengers were killed on one plane and two from the other. It was decided that the air traffic control were mostly to blame. This is when our story takes off.

Peter Nielsen was the air traffic controller on duty. While it was by no means entirely his fault, he felt deeply for the pains he had caused and was taking time off of work. Vitaly Kaloyev was another man who’s family had been aboard the plane that had exploded.

He was so angry that he decided he would exact his own form of revenge. He stalked Nielsen to his home and while there stabbed him to death in front of Neilsen’s family.

The real twist? Kaloyev was declared only partially sane and served less than three years for his brutal crime. In fact the public hailed him as a hero and shrines were made for the man.


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Monster trading cards in Japan date as far back as the 1600's!

Much like Pokémon cards today, the tradition of battling monster cards is a tradition in Japan that dates back hundreds of years!

Obake karuta is a Japanese card game that dates back to the Edo period and remained popular until the 1920’s. To put that into perspective, the Edo period began in 1603!

Each playing card has a different character from the hiragana syllabary and a creature from Japanese mythology. Obake karuta means “ghost cards,” or “monster cards.”

The point of the game is similar to Pokémon cards today, except one must know Japanese mythology pretty well. Players attempt to collect cards that match the clues given to beat the other person while a referee judges who wins!


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A jellyfish washed onshore with 120 feet long tentacles!

It’s called the lion’s mane jellyfish and it is the largest known species of jellyfish yet discovered.

While usually segregated to cold waters in the Arctic, northern Atlantic, and northern Pacific, sometimes the jellyfish wander further south into warmer waters, even going near Australia and New Zealand.

The largest one ever discovered was absolutely enormous, measuring 7 feet 6 inches in diameter with tentacles 120 feel long!

This jellyfish washed up in Massachusetts Bay in 1870. It was even bigger than a blue whale, and is believed to be one of the longest known animals in the world!

If you want to get a scope of it's massive size, look to the left. Yes, that’s a human being pictured next to the incredibly large animal. Luckily for humans, stings from this jellyfish are not usually fatal.


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The face of Yoda was based on Albert Einstein!

Legendary Jedi master Yoda is the most powerful and wise Jedi in the Star Wars universe.

And although he might only have existed a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Master Yoda is more Earthly than people think!

The original Yoda was a puppet when he made his debut in the 1970’s, but was computer generated in the later trilogy. Stuart Freeborn, who was a make-up artist, based Yoda’s face on his own, but mostly Albert Einstein.

This is perhaps fitting for the wisest of the Jedi mimics one of the men who revolutionized Earth from his genius!