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America's Most Wanted has captured more criminals than they have aired episodes!

Although the series was canceled in 2011, America’s Most Wanted ran for twenty-three years and became world famous.

Presented by John Walsh, the show profiles criminals and attempts to help law enforcement apprehend fugitives wanted for a variety of crimes ranging from murder, to rape, to kidnapping, to child molestation, to mafia actions, to robbers, to gang violence, and even terrorism!

Walsh himself became an anti-crime advocate after his son was murdered by Ottis Tool in 1981.

America’s Most Wanted isn’t just for show. Although the show ran for a long time, totaling at 1149 episodes, it has caught 1173 criminals! One of the most famous was the show’s aid in the discovery of Elizabeth Smart after her kidnapping in 2002!

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Malawi has the worst doctor to patient ratio in the world. There's only 1 for every 50,000 people!

The doctor to patient ratio represents the number of doctors in a country compared to the number of citizens.

Countries with a lower ratio generally have better medical care. At the top of the list is surprisingly Cuba, with a ratio of 1: 170.

This means that technically every doctor would have to care for only 170 people. Poorer African countries generally round out the bottom of the list, with Malawi stark last at 1:50,000!

One doctor caring for 50,000 people is impossible, so recently efforts are being made to disperse medical knowledge and increase the amount of doctors.

Unfortunately, Malawi and other African countries are extremely poor and very corrupt. Funds that should be directed toward medical care are often taken for personal gain by corrupt government officials.


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Cloud Atlas is the most expensive independent movie of all time!

Cloud Atlas was released in 2012 and polarized audiences. The movie is epic in scale and covers six different story lines during six different times.

Based on David Mitchell’s 2004 book of the same title, Cloud Atlas polarized critics. Some claimed it was one of the best movies they had ever seen, while others said it was nonsensical and overwhelming.

Regardless of the message, one truly amazing fact about Cloud Atlas is just how expensive it was!

The movie ended up being $102 million! Now this doesn’t sound too expensive when compared to some huge movies like Harry Potter, but you have to remember big blockbusters are financed by huge film corporations.

Cloud Atlas was financed completely independently, meaning from independent donors! Several German companies contributed donations, in addition to $20 million from the German government!

The Wachowskis, who previously created the Matrix, put the whole thing together, and even contributed their own money!

Just to put that into relative terms, Paranormal Activity was originally an independent movie and cost around $15,000! A far cry from the $102 million for Cloud Atlas!


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Japanese teens started having “potato parties” when McDonald’s lowered the price of fries!

You’re probably kicking yourself for not throwing yourself a classic potato party for your last birthday.

While it is a festivity most Americans would look at and say “huh?” We think it sounds like a splendid idea! So what is a potato party?

It’s pretty much exactly what you think! Last October, McDonald’s lowered the price of fries in Japan. Now an order of large fries isn’t so expensive and people have been taking advantage of it.

Kids are even holding potato parties, in which they order so many fries a post-meal heart attack has to be in the cards. Then they invite their friends and eat them.

Sound fun? Not as much fun as looking at the mandatory pictures uploaded after the party and comparing just how close you came to matching the greatest potato party!

The real question is: How long until schools everywhere abandon pizza parties and focus just on French fries? Think it will catch on? Tell us in the comments!


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Valve got a video game hacker caught by tricking him into thinking they had a job for him!

Half-Life 2 was developed by the company Valve back in 2003. It was mostly just a rumor until the network of the company was cracked and the game’s source code and multiple other files such as maps, models, and even a playable version were leaked.

The CEO of Valve, Gabe Newell, posted a public plea in the game’s forums for people to help him out if they know anything about the hacking. Amazingly, he got a response.

Newell received correspondence from a German black-hat hacker named Acel “Ago” Gembe. It turns out this was the hacker responsible for the leak, yet Newell didn’t scare him off with threats of police.

Instead, he convinced the hacker that there was actually a job waiting for him in America at Valve should he want it. Newell was so convincing, Gembe actually got on a plane!

Upon landing he was immediately arrested by the FBI. A startlingly stupid end for someone who had brilliantly hacked an entire network!