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This Monday we have a brand new meme that's only been around for a couple of weeks!

The McKayla is Not Impressed meme began after she was photographed on podium after winning silver on Vault in Gymnastics.  The photograph instantly went viral and blew up into a meme.  The tumblr was created the next day and immediately became popular.  The meme usually a a reference to something that is really impressive, and then McKayla making the face and bringing it down, or a punchline that goes along with her apathetic face. 

McKayla has been SUCH a great sport about the meme.  Here is a GIF of her making fun of herself on The Colbert Report.
And here is her being awesome on vault during the team competition (not the one she got silver for) just in case you missed it! 
(GIF courtesy of buzzfeed) 
Here are some examples: 


Since these meme is so new there is a ton you can do with it! Have fun! 

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Ragestache Challenge #2 Results!

Hey everyone! I'm really excited by how many entries this second challenge got. There were some good ones, but unfortunately, there can only be so many winners. 

If you didn't know, this week's theme was: Things people do that annoy you the most. So, who won? Read on for more details and go here for the third challenge

Here's the four finalists. Once again, these are in no particular order. 

Texting can be a constant source of annoyance. I liked this one because I've been accussed of doing this many times. It rang close to home.


I'm a really curious person. Pretty much the worst thing you can do is tell me you're gonna tell me a secret and then not do it. It drives me nuts. And so it does to our second entry.


Who doesn't hate people who purposefully make screeching noises. Here's to those of us who hate the sound of grinding teeth, dry markers and nails on chalkboards. 


I've never worked in retail, but I can imagine this is one of the most frustrating experiences you can live in 



The WINNAR. Have you ever had a favorite movie? Have you ever had a friend that has never seen that movie? Have you ever tried watching that movie with them? If so, you'll sympathize with this situation. 


I laughed at this comic for the story, but mostly because of the way it er... repurposes the rage face in the first panel into something much more innocent. 


Thanks again for all your entries! Check out my blog post to participate in the THIRD challenge :)

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