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Emerson is a spirited optimist who once unsuccessfully tried to eliminate the word "boring" from his vocabulary. At age 14, he wore a fanny pack for three weeks on a school trip because "it fit all his travel accessories." His fiancee would eventually work out his kinks.

At the age of 12, he began homeschooling. To cope with the soul-crushing boredom, he created MuggleNet, which is the world's #1 Harry Potter site. Emerson is a New York Times Bestselling author and generally lucky guy. In 2006, JK Rowling extended an invitation to him to interview her in her house in Scotland. Yes, she is awesome. So awesome that she gave him this as a gift. His proudest moment was when Jimmy Kimmel mocked him on national TV. He took solace in the fact that Geraldo still likes him. He graduated in 2009 from Notre Dame with a degree in management consulting.

Special Powers: Photographic Memory for Obscure Data and Grandiloquence


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