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Thursday, May 31, 2012 @ 11:00am CDT
Eliscia Filice
Brand Manager

Hey friends, I’m back with a HUGE announcement.  Spartz Media sites now have User Accounts!

Here is some of the awesome stuff you can do if you sign up:

  • Track your posts: No longer will your posts be sent into oblivion after you've made them; Any posts you make will be tied to your user account! Feel the nostalgia as you browse through your past creations, and share with your friends at any time!
  • Track your faves: So it's no secret you keep coming back to [site] because you love the posts here. Now you can keep track of your faves! Just click the heart underneath any post you like, and you can view and share it any time!
  • Follow your friends: See the submission from your friends and favorite posters just by following them and looking in your friends feed!
  • Post comments and replies: Dying to comment on the latest hilarious post? Shout and let it all out!
  • Get shout outs!: Signing up for a user account allows us to also see how great of a fan you are.  Having a user account will make you eligible for contests, giveaways, features, and other great shout outs!

Ready to sign up? Perfect.  

I have added the links to the signup page for Taste of Awesome. It does not matter which site you sign up on, user accounts will work on ALL sites. The only difference is that SBS will still be anonymous so you do not have to worry. If you submit a secret to SBS, it WILL NOT link to your name.


We don't ask for a lot of details to get started. In fact, to make it even easier for you, you can just use your Facebook account to connect to our site and get started right away. Don't worry, you won't start spamming your Facebook friends with your activity or anything. That annoys us too, we wouldn’t do that to you.

After you make your account let us know what you think! We are really excited about this and hope that you are too!


Feel free to also follow the community team's accounts:

Jose, BJ, Dana, Eliscia, Gaby, Jason, and Sarah A.



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