On Taste of Awesome, users submit funny photos from around the internet and caption them using our custom Taste builder. Sometimes, the right photo is matched with the perfect caption, creating a hilarious blend. We launched the site in October 2010 and have loved it ever since.

Boring Photos + Epic Captions = Taste of Awesome


Gaby Spartz
VP of Product
@GabySpartz | about me When Gaby and the Internet met over a decade ago, it was love at first sight. Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador between an avenue of volcanoes, she spent her childhood chasing high scores in video games and even higher scores in life. This earned her a ticket to Notre Dame, where she graduated with a degree in management consulting. Shortly after graduation, she cofounded GivesMeHope and finally embraced her true calling. The webmistress of the original DailyCute, Gaby is a 12-year veteran with 12 times the ninja skills of her pet chinchilla Zoe. Gaby is the head of our product team, keeping our sites running smoothly and our community happy. She is also the host of our OMG Facts YouTube show.
Special Powers: Killer Cute Instinct and Impossibly High Scoring.



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